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Mag. Michael Herbert Wolff - melonFM creative productions

Technischer Transfer

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The philosophy that guides us: „Greatness in art depends solely on how much love you put in to your work..."


corporate Sound design
audio engineering (editing, mixing)
music production
score production
composition & arrangements
audio mastering
stem mastering
room acoustics

melonFM Vienna is currently operated by Mike Wolff


-all available face2face or as online service
-all products meet highest quality standards
-all products meet your personal needs
-just right 4 the budget
-Please feel free to contact us for your personal offer

-corporate Sound design
From a simple "hello" on your answering machine to your very own corporate Jingle or song, we deliver. on time, at an unbeatable price

-music production
From demo recordings to full scale album production,
recording, mixing and mastering (this last step of the
production process is performed by an objective reference engineer, if desired). Our work is performed on digital and analog basis. Also edits, remixes, conversions, ...

-composition & arrangements
sound-design (branding)
orchestral, drums, guitars, percussions, electronic, songwriting, commercials, music for websites, film scores (Big, versatile high quality libraries are available), jingles, signations, ...

-room acoustics
Bulding a studio? In need of consult regarding how to create the perfect studio acoustics? We supply everything from planning to building.

about the studio:

Located near the heart of Vienna along with modern nice atmosphere, good traffic connectivity (near subway station U6) and great infrastructure(shopping-center, hotel across the street, concert locations) we offer an acoustically treated mixing environment along with selected recording possibilities.
Located just below ground level in a non residential area there is enough open space for inspiration, creativity and efficient workflow. For all the recording situations that cannot be realized on location we offer several selected recording studios that meet your projects needs.

Rooms sizes:
mixing-, mastering-, postproduction-suite: 36m² / 389f²
recording-suite: 38m² / 400f²
relaxing area: 88m² / 950f²

+equipment list (selection):

Prism Preamp-MM4A, Focusrite TrackMaster, 2x Focusrite Octopre, LINE6 POD XT-PRO, 1x Brauner VM1, 4x Neumann TLM103, Neumann USM61, Sennheiser e609, Sontronics STC-2, AKG C414b,matched AKG C414 pair, Avantone CV 12, AKG C3000B, AKG 480B, Shure SM57, Shure SM58, AKG 780D, RTA, Thel-Audio AccuSound250HE, Focal-Phoenix, Klein&Hummel O300, Mackie HR826, Korg Triton Extreme 88, Korg N5, Yamaha CS6X, Korg MS20, Alesis 3630, Peavy Classic30SE, Marshall Jubilee 25/50, Hughes&Kettner Tube 50, Chandler Tube Driver, Fender, Ovation, ESP, LTD, Gibson, PRS, Line6, Digitech Smart Shift, Alesis MEQ-30, Dunlop, Vienna Symphonic Library – VSL, Korg Legacy Collection, Ivory Piano(Boesendorfer, SteinwayD, YamahaC7), AKG271 Headphones, Mackie 8bus, XTRA-Audio System, RME, MOTU, Phillips, Universal Audio 1176, Steinberg, Pro Tools,…
Mag. Michael Herbert Wolff
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melonFM creative productions
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Fachgruppe / Berufszweig

Technischer Transfer (Entwickeln, Kopieren und Überspielen) und Synchronisation audiovisueller Produktionen, Überspielen auf Trägermaterial jeder Art sowie Be- und Nachbearbeitung und digitale Bild- und Tongestaltung für Bewegtbild, unter Ausschluss der den Berufsfotografen vorbe haltenen Tätigkeiten
Seit 09.09.2013 für den Standort
1030 Wien, Juchgasse 5/18 (kann vom Gründungsdatum abweichen)
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