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Rafael Pescarolo De Carvalho

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An enthusiastic and focused translator whose motto is dedication, responsibility and accuracy. I am a certified TEFL (Teacher of English as a Foreign Language) and freelance professional in translation. I am dedicated to continuing professional development and can provide strong linguistic abilities in the fields of Business/Commerce (general), Games, Internet & e-Commerce, Poetry & Prose,Tourism & Travel, Computers (general) and Manuals.

I strongly believe that translating is a lifelong source of intellectual and cultural enrichment. Translation bridges cultures and bring people closer. This duty must be taken into the highest account, as it is not just a mere conversion of signifiers, but a meaningful and purposeful way of enabling two different sides to interact, exchange and thrive mutually. As a translator, I have a clear understanding that, for its accomplishment, excellence is a must, and that is what I aim at, endorse and ensure through the practice of my craft.
Rafael Pescarolo De Carvalho
Stuwerstraße, 13/7
Anzahl der Mitarbeiter
GLN (der öffentlichen Verwaltung)
Behörde gem. ECG (E-Commerce Gesetz)
Magistratisches Bezirksamt des III. Bezirkes

Fachgruppe / Berufszweig

Sprachdienstleistungen (Übersetzen, Dolmetschen, Gebärdendolmetschen, Synchronisation) ausgenommen literarische Übersetzungen (Übersetzungsbüro)
Seit 01.09.2013 für den Standort
1030 Wien, Hohlweggasse 10/15 (kann vom Gründungsdatum abweichen)
GeschäftsführerIn gewerberechtlich: -