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Trudy Dawn Rollo - Austria Guide

Ignaz-Härtl-Straße 8
5020 Salzburg
Native English Licensed Austria Guide
I was born and grew up in Norfolk, England.  My mother is English and my father Scottish, so I have a little Celtic blood! 
After studying French, German and Spanish (Italian came later!), I left the UK and set off to discover the world.  Due to my language skills and experience in customer service and tourism, I managed to find work in many different countries in various capacities, before finally landing in Austria in 2003.
I immediately fell in love - with Austria that is!  The sheer beauty of the landscape, the unspoilt countryside, the contrast of the lakes and mountains, intriguing cities – Austria, as the heart of Europe, has it all.  I couldn’t imagine leaving so I decided to make it my home.  And now I have far too many Austrian dresses to ever leave here again!
I have always worked in tourism in one way or another and have always enjoyed showing friends and family around the areas where I have previously lived.  Now, as a licensed Austria Guide, I would love to show you around the area I have decided to call home.  I always think that guests on my tour could be my Mum or Dad, brother, sister or best friend, so I always want them to see the best parts!
I would love to show you some of those places, both on and off the beaten track, and tell you some of the history and secrets of Salzburg. 
I also love to sing so I often burst into song whilst on tour!  Perhaps a little Mozart or possibly the Sound of Music!
I look forward to meeting you here in Salzburg, and to show you too my favourite places for the famous Austrian tradition of coffee and cake!
Trudy Dawn Rollo
Austria Guide
Ignaz-Härtl-Straße 8, 5020 Salzburg
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