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SCL-Sensor.Tech. Fabrication GesmbH - SCL-Sensor.Tech.

Seestadtstraße 27/27
1220 Wien
Our Offer

SCL-Sensor.Tech. Fabrication focuses on the improvement of next generation atomic force microscopy (AFM) cantilevers. Two types of this next generation AFM sensor probes are especially small & soft cantilevers for low noise and highly sensitive SPM imaging as well as piezoresistive self-sensing cantilevers for new AFM applications. These cantilevers are suited for use in tapping and contact AFM imaging mode. With self-sensing probes no laser is necessary and the space above the cantilever is freed up e.g. for use within a SEM (AFSEM: and

Fast progress in nanoscience and nanotechnology give rise to new business opportunities and needs. As AFM/SPM technology develops and new applications are created, conventional cantilevers are often not ideal or even not usable at all. For most users however, developing the technology to make their own cantilevers is not feasible or practical. SCL-Sensor.Tech. gives researchers the opportunity to implement their AFM cantilever ideas even in small batch fabrications.

Our Capabilities

We have developed a set of technology tools that can be used to fabricate custom cantilevers, without extensive lead time. Together with the customer, we can develop cantilever solutions for specific applications such as high speed AFM, high resolution force spectroscopy, gas sensing, torque magnetometry and many others.

Our Specialization

Because of the advantages of small and self-sensing cantilevers for many AFM applications, we have developed technology to make such cantilevers commercially available. These cantilevers are only a few micrometers in length and width and are electrically actuated and sensed/readout. They have integrated tips (silicon or diamond), are fabricated without tip (tip-less) and are intended for high resolution and high speed AFM applications.
Self-Sensing Cantilevers for Atomic Force Microscopy (Silicon Tip, Tipless and Single-Crystal Diamond Tips)
Self-Sensing Cantilever Starter Kit
Pre-Amplifier for Cantilever Signal Readout
Electronics & Accessories
SCL-Sensor.Tech. Fabrication GesmbH
SCL-Sensor.Tech. Fabrication GmbH, Aspern IQ in der Seestadt Aspern, Seestadtstraße 27 / Top 27, 1220 Vienna, AUSTRIA
Anzahl der Mitarbeiter
Handelsgericht Wien
Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung
GLN (der öffentlichen Verwaltung)
Sonstige Informationen nach §14 UGB
Firma: SCL Sensor.Tech. Fabrication Rechtsform: GmbH Sitz: Seestadtstraße 27 / Top 27, 1220 Vienna, AUSTRIA Firmenbuch-Nr.: FN279229g Firmenbuch-Gericht: Handelsgericht Wien
Anwendbare Rechtsvorschriften
Weitere Aufsichtsbehörde (gem. ECG)
BIC (Bank Identifier Code)
IBAN (International Account Number)
AT84 4715 0111 0395 0000
SCL-Sensor.Tech. Fabrication GmbH
Firmensitz (Ort der Hauptniederlassung)
Mechatroniker für Maschinen- und Fertigungstechnik, eingeschränkt auf die Erzeugung von Rasterkraftmikroskopie und Rasterkraftmikroskopie-Zubehör

Mechatroniker für Maschinen- und Fertigungstechnik, eingeschränkt auf die Erzeugung von Rasterkraftmikroskopie und Rasterkraftmikroskopie-Zubehör

Seit 03.02.2012 für den Standort1220 Wien, Seestadtstraße 27/27 (kann vom Gründungsdatum abweichen)GeschäftsführerIn gewerberechtlich: Dr. Ernest Fantner Berufszweig: Mechatroniker für Maschinen- und Fertigungstechnik



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Magistratisches Bezirksamt des XXII. Bezirkes