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Olga Fedchina-Korf - City Guide

Leonard-Bernstein-Straße 8/2/31.3
1220 Wien
A guide is like a teacher. He should be able not only to lead and inform, but mostly to raise curiosity, inspire to new discoveries and leave unforgettable impressions about the place of visit. These are the milestones in my never-ending development as a guide.
During my excursions I adapt to the size, speed, age, gender, knowledge, preferences and demands of the group.
I offer:
-walking tours in Vienna for first-time comers as well as experienced travelers;
-bus tours in Vienna;
-the valley of Wachau;
-Southern Vienna forest;
-excurtions to Vienna Museums of your choice;
-guiding and accompanying congress groups;
-and many other exciting destinations and activities in Austria.
Olga Fedchina-Korf
City Guide
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