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Dr.techn. Tobias Martin Huber - Huber Scientific

Rottmayrgasse 17/29
1120 Wien
We have years of expertise in building specialized experimental equipment for fundamental research in the fields of electrochemistry and solid state Ionics. We want to use this knowledge to build enduring, functional, and easily usable test stations for you.

We make our products as simple and compact as possible including all necessary features but omitting all possibly distracting parts.

By combining different measurement techniques in one and the same experimental setup one can do completely new experimental approaches. We also think that for some experiments one needs special capabilities like long term measurements for degradation studies. Why not measuring several samples in parallel within one and the same experimental setup under the absolutely same conditions? Or contact multiple electrodes on one and the same specimen and additionally study different experimental conditions for different special positions.

Nothing lasts forever, but our products are designed such, that most parts can be easily replaced or repaired. This saves resources and your budget
Dr.techn. Tobias Martin Huber
Huber Scientific
Getreidemarkt, 9/ CTA164-EC
GLN (der öffentlichen Verwaltung)

Mechatroniker für Elektromaschinenbau und Automatisierung verbunden mit Mechatroniker für Maschinen- und Fertigungstechnik; Mechatroniker für Elektronik, Büro- und EDV-Systemtechnik; Mechatroniker für Medizingerätetechnik (verbundenes Handwerk)

Seit 11.05.2017 für den Standort1120 Wien, Rottmayrgasse 17/29 (kann vom Gründungsdatum abweichen)GeschäftsführerIn gewerberechtlich: -Berufszweig: Mechatroniker für Elektromaschinenbau und Automatisierung



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