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Karin Haberleithner, M.Sc. - InspirePioneers


Ruckergasse 29/12
1120 Wien

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Already in my early years I discovered that my work as System Engineer / System Administrator had great impact on people’s daily work and life – Who does not know the frustration and the stress when you are close to a deadline and suddenly your computer does not work anymore?

I wanted to make a difference, to create a better IT experience for employees. Every day I did my best to help them with their daily IT issues trying/aiming to find unique and simple solutions in order to make their IT related lives easier and more enjoyable.

A well working computer already helps a lot, but I discovered issues in so many other areas - complex and non-transparent working routines, projects lacked planning, employees felt overwhelmed, outdated Infrastructure, usage of too complex or wrong software, managers focused on KPIs and charts while forgetting about their own people, …
In order to be able to make a difference for employees, teams, departments and the whole company, I became a Management and Business Consultant.

My passion is it to make Pioneers out of companies, departments or (project) teams. Pioneers who don’t follow others, who try new things, who challenge themselves and others, who do the impossible and who question conventional methods and approaches – basically, who do things differently.

Are you ready to get inspired and become a Pioneer?

If you would like to learn more, please send an email to or get in touch with me on Linkedin
Karin Haberleithner, M.Sc.
Unternehmensbezeichnung (selbstgewählt)
GLN (der öffentlichen Verwaltung)
Behörde gem. ECG (E-Commerce Gesetz)
Magistratisches Bezirksamt des XII. Bezirkes
Unternehmensberatung einschließlich der Unternehmensorganisation
Seit 01.02.2017 für den Standort
1120 Wien, Ruckergasse 29/12 (kann vom Gründungsdatum abweichen)
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