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Small Ultra-Sensitive Cantilevers
These cantilevers are designed to have highest resonance frequencies while keeping the spring constants as low as possible. The spring constant value ranges from 10 to 1000 pN/nm, with resonance frequencies ranging from 40 kHz up to 1 MHz. The cantilevers have integrated tips and are coated with a low stress-high reflectivity coating.

HSA - High-Speed Active Probes
The High-Speed Active probes are silicon cantilevers with an integrated piezo-resistor and/or an actuator for self sensing and/or self actuating scanning probe microscopy and nano-manipulation applications. To optimize the sensitivity and reduce noise, the active piezo-resistors are integrated into a matched Wheatstone bridge on the cantilever carrier chip. The shape and geometry of the Si carrier chip are similar to those of standard silicon probes. The cantilever chip is bonded onto a small PCB with a micro-plug for easy handling and loading of the cantilevers. Its counterpart provides a flat-flex-cable to be connected to a pre-amplifier. The whole chip-PCB module is designed so it can be adapted to different AFM instruments.

Piezo Drive Amplifier
Over the last two years, SCL-Sensor.Tech. has developed this product with Techproject Partner Company with the goal of creating a high power piezo drive amplifier which meets the high speed and low noise requironments of state of the art AFM development.


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