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Norbert Banhalmi

Creative & Fine Art Photographer

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Über uns

My main base are Vienna & Budapest
My favorite photos in black and white

20+ years international photography and marketing professional experience
• More than 700 five stars google rating
13 independent photo exhibition, of this 3 New York
3 published book in co-production
• OM System I Olympus Cameras brand ambassador and marketing partner
Curator and dreamer the Rege Galéria Tihany Digital exhibition space
The Dutch football team official photographer at the UEFA 2021 European Championship
• Founder and Owner of the Brand Art Studio Digital Content Production Agency
• Additional information, on Wikipedia

Produkte und Leistungen

It is important for me that the image has a message

If I had to put it briefly, my job is to build a bridge so that others can feel what my model felt at that moment.

But it is much deeper than this and cannot be explained in just a few words. I have to earn it for someone to open up to me. Almost all people have walls and protective coverings. The given moment includes the whole history of a person. Most of us don't live the life we ​​really want. It is understandable that after a while the desire awakens in us to see who we really are. This is my personal experience of finding a way, because although I am blessed with a very strong empathic and creative ability, I see myself less clearly than people. In the majority of cases, I can see beyond the walls, the spiritual and physical tests of life, and I can see or make visible the energy that is deep inside under the layers.

Of course, some have only the top layer, or I can't even see it. Now I know that there is nothing wrong with that either, because it means that I am not the right person for that at that moment. I divide the depiction of people into 3 main categories, which of course can be mixed.

I'm not a wizard, there's no big secret. I simply approach the world and people with an open heart and love. I love and accept everyone as they are. There are no taboos, no conformity. No one is perfect, because perfect means different things to everyone in their world. That is why every client is special to me and unique. I feel honored when someone trusts me and wants to see the real self through my eyes.

It is a very strong relationship between two people and their environment. This is how photography feels to me.
My favorite photography areas:

Portrait and Headshot photography details & gallery
Fashion, Life style and Portfolio photography details & gallery
Artistic Nude and Boudoir photography details & gallery



Norbert Banhalmi



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